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Post  roflmaoshizmp on Sat Oct 22, 2011 7:22 am

So, this is my formal welcome to anybody who has joined our server, or this forum. I hope that you will have a good time, and that you will enjoy our forum!

This is our second forum, as the first one was kind of a fail, firstly because nobody other than the admins joined, and the whole forum was made in a kind of a hurry. Therefore Amonitas, the owner of our server, gave me the ok to make a new, better forum. It still has a bit of work, I need to make the textures, background, icon textures, and practically everything else at the time of writing.

On another note, I might want to post the history of our community. (Yes, thats right, we arent a clan yet, but only a community.) It all started a fair bit of months ago, right before the summer holidays (I dont remember exactly when). David (Amonitas) rented a dedicated server. At first, the whole community was just a bunch of admins etc. So the server grew on, I brought a bit of my friends over, the other people did too, and it summed up to the day when we had our highest recorded amount if players online: 5. We had a nice server going, because it was creative, and we had some good builders there. But then came the event that shut our v1.0 server down. The company hosting us, Brohoster LLC, shut down because of its parent company. That left us without a server, and our community kind of fell apart.

About a month afterwards, David rented another server, this time hosted by LethalDrive, also a very good hosting service. That is how our v2.0 server came. And that is the story. We have a nice community right now, with about 20 people, a veery quickly developing server, and some frigging good minecraft!

The future: We are right now preparing for a world reset, when 1.9 comes. The good news about that is that supposedly it is still a ways to go before we hit 1.9, and when we do, dont worry. We will probably bring nice creations over.

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... What :D

Post  HazyWoe on Sat Dec 10, 2011 10:02 am

I got a bit lost there, however that was a great story Very Happy

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